Thursday, November 26, 2020

An Incident at Dicksburg Community College

The importance of discipline in athletics has always been understood, and has often led to straps, paddles, switches and other implements being applied to athletic male buttocks.  Nowhere is this more true than at Dicksburg Community College, where the hero of one of my previous stories, Greg, attends.  He doesn't enter into this story, in fact this will be brief and hardly a story at all, more of an incident in the life of a "Big Man on Campus"  who has attracted the particular attention of his Coach.

I hope my American readers are having a pleasant Thanksgiving, despite everything.

Monday, November 9, 2020

There's a Lot on this Blog

To help you find things, here are links back to the beginnings of some long stories or image series I've done.  If you're new here, please check them out:

Appleland is a graphic novel set in a near future police state, a noir-ish revenge story
about a handsome cop sent undercover in a strict prison for young men.  It's more novel
than erotica but in a world of pervasive male spanking.

Greg, a resident of spanking-obsessed Dicksburg, TX, is, a handsome young college
student and a victim of his strict foster dad and trickster uncle..

Andy Rodriguez is a handsome, hairy 21 year old high school senior who has a painful
date with the Vice Principal.

Late Night Out-A sexy young man scores on a date, but fails to get his fine
ass home by Pop's curfew.

Unemployed college graduate Jason is watching TV and jerking off his long cock when
his stepdad and stepdad's boss walk in.  Dinner is postponed.

Men need more and more years of schooling, but The Future of Post-Secondary Education
looks bright as paddle-wielding all-male colleges help these fellows
"get their education behind them".

Secrets and Lies at Dicksburg High illustrates the excellent discipline maintained over 
teaching staff by their attentive principal, in this case dealing with a Coach whose team has
suffered their 3rd loss of the season, and an algebra teacher who misbehaved at a recent 
party.  The reputation of the school must be maintained.