Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Domestic discipline of adult son

Is spanking a 25 year old man appropriate?  Psychologists disapprove, but you gotta admit it feels right. 

Spankings at this age need to focus not on severity, but duration.  Plan to invest a minimum of 15 minutes giving quick, rhythmic smacks.  You're not trying to kill him, you're asking him to submit to a degree of discomfort that will focus his mind, make him surrender his will, and leave his body humming.   The result of a good, long spanking should be no injury, i.e. no cuts and hopefully no bruises.  His buttocks should be bright crimson and slightly swollen for the next few days.

Under the best of circumstances, a spanked man passes through the pain to a place of calmness and surrender.  He learns that tensing his buttocks only increases the pain--the best thing to do is to relax and surrender.  His mind is calm and his body is in a state of maximum stimulation.  Even a heterosexual man being spanked by a man will often sport an erection.  Some will even orgasm.

In any case a long, firm, calm and affectionate spanking on his bare behind won't do him any harm.  And it's bound to do the other party to the transaction a world of good ; )

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coach Gives Hard Swats

This handsome young coach loves his job--he stays after hours every day to give his favorite players the extra motivation they need. 

Locker Room Licks

Spanking College Jocks.  After showers, college football players get paddled naked in the locker room by their coach.  This form of discipline seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years, but guy-on-guy spanking is so ingrained in the male psyche--especially in the college years--it can't be stamped out permanently (youtube provides ample evidence of this!).

Obviously this kind of spanking is subject to abuse, but if so many guys this age are so eager to be spanked, this natural impulse may as well be put to some constructive purpose--in this case, reinforcing training rules.

A slightly grungier intepretation of a picture I did several years ago.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Click on it twice to see it big.  These next few are part of a story, in no particular order.  A pizza delivery man delivers to a halfway house.  He's amused to see a paddle on the wall and pleasantly surprised to learn it is used - frequently.  In fact two guys are about to get their asses whipped, one for drinking and one for (community college) grades.  Would he enjoy watching?  'Course!

These grades have to be a mistake...

But rules are rules.  Click on it twice to see it full size.

That first lick made an impression

Bulls eye.  The key to precision like this is practice, practice, practice.

Simon delivers a pizza to the halfway house. Pt 1

Community based corrections.  Way more fun than the other kind.

College guys

With what I'm payin' you better make straight A's!
Click on it twice to see it full size.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Andy in the Principal's Office

These are from a series I did some years ago about about an older high school student (20-probably held back a couple of years) and his punishment for some trivial matter.  Click on them for a bigger version.

This is rooted in the kind of paddlings I saw, heard and heard about, dished out at my Tennessee schools.  Never heard of anybody paddled naked at my school, although from comments I've run into here and there, naked paddling in the showers after football practice seems to have been pretty common in some Texas schools at that time (early 1970s).  Barbaric in actuality, interesting in fantasy, although it would be more interesting in pro or college ball. 

Most school punishment involves spankees far too young to interest me now, in fact I find it appalling.  When I was in say, the 8th grade, senior students seemed like big men to me, and the fact that most of them were  paddled hard and freely in ROTC and gym class, and occasionally in other classes, fascinated me beyond power of words to tell.  Now, high school punishments are only of interest because they sometimes involve adult spankees. 

Who was Sir Turquine?

A knight in Sir Thomas Mallory's Morte D'Arthur:

And in the meanwhile there came three knights riding, as fast fleeing as ever they might ride. And there followed them three but one knight.

And when Sir Lionel saw him, him thought he saw never so great a knight, nor so well faring a man, neither so well apparelled unto all rights.

So within a while this strong knight had overtaken one of these knights, and there he smote him to the cold earth that he lay still.

And then he rode unto the second knight, and smote him so that man and horse fell down. And then straight to the third knight he rode, and smote him behind his horse's arse a spear length.

And then he alighted down and reined his horse on the bridle, and bound all the three knights fast with the reins of their own bridles.

When Sir Lionel saw him do thus, he thought to assay him, and made him ready, and stilly and privily he took his horse, and thought not for to awake Sir Launcelot.

And when he was mounted upon his horse, he overtook this strong knight, and bade him turn, and the other smote Sir Lionel so hard that horse and man he bare to the earth, and so he alighted down and bound him fast, and threw him overthwart his own horse, and so he served them all four, and rode with them away to his own castle.

And when he came there he gart unarm them, and beat them with thorns all naked, and after put them in a deep prison where were many more knights, that made great dolour.