Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Domestic discipline of adult son

Is spanking a 25 year old man appropriate?  Psychologists disapprove, but you gotta admit it feels right. 

Spankings at this age need to focus not on severity, but duration.  Plan to invest a minimum of 15 minutes giving quick, rhythmic smacks.  You're not trying to kill him, you're asking him to submit to a degree of discomfort that will focus his mind, make him surrender his will, and leave his body humming.   The result of a good, long spanking should be no injury, i.e. no cuts and hopefully no bruises.  His buttocks should be bright crimson and slightly swollen for the next few days.

Under the best of circumstances, a spanked man passes through the pain to a place of calmness and surrender.  He learns that tensing his buttocks only increases the pain--the best thing to do is to relax and surrender.  His mind is calm and his body is in a state of maximum stimulation.  Even a heterosexual man being spanked by a man will often sport an erection.  Some will even orgasm.

In any case a long, firm, calm and affectionate spanking on his bare behind won't do him any harm.  And it's bound to do the other party to the transaction a world of good ; )


  1. wow...really dig this illo. Love your art! and excellent commentary.

    Keep up the great work,

  2. I'm curious about the severity vs duration. Is it just enough pain to make them surrender, that being the real goal?

  3. Would like to find someone on the east coast to administer this as well!

  4. It's hard to generalize. I think a grown man getting spanked, unless he's a POW or something, has already surrendered, or agreed to surrender. Unlike the boyish whacking fratboys are prone to, a long, moderate spanking has a sort of meditative discipline to it, gives the spanker time to relish the situation, and is an expression of closeness and affection for both.

  5. It's not just good for the spanker, but the man being spanked as well.