Saturday, December 4, 2010

Andy in the Principal's Office

These are from a series I did some years ago about about an older high school student (20-probably held back a couple of years) and his punishment for some trivial matter.  Click on them for a bigger version.

This is rooted in the kind of paddlings I saw, heard and heard about, dished out at my Tennessee schools.  Never heard of anybody paddled naked at my school, although from comments I've run into here and there, naked paddling in the showers after football practice seems to have been pretty common in some Texas schools at that time (early 1970s).  Barbaric in actuality, interesting in fantasy, although it would be more interesting in pro or college ball. 

Most school punishment involves spankees far too young to interest me now, in fact I find it appalling.  When I was in say, the 8th grade, senior students seemed like big men to me, and the fact that most of them were  paddled hard and freely in ROTC and gym class, and occasionally in other classes, fascinated me beyond power of words to tell.  Now, high school punishments are only of interest because they sometimes involve adult spankees. 

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