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A Midnight Tanning

A dark and expressionistic image; I'm pleased with its painterly quality. 
I'm finding it's still taking a while to get up to speed but I hope to be able to post more frequently.

I usually go for a bright and playful effect in my spanking pictures but sometimes I like it a bit darker.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

After a long hiatus...

Just had to take some time off.

Presented for your amusement, the consequences of a baseball wager among friends:

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The end of the Future of Post Secondary Education

The demons of computer hell have been plaguing my system for some time.  I finally decided to wipe my computer back to the factory state and it seems to be working fine now, but only after this did I discover the gigabytes on my external backup did not include any of my Poser or Photoshop files.

Without getting into a lot of boring details about my working methods, this means Michael, Terrence and Dr Grabowski have gone to digital heaven.  It will not be possible to reconstruct all the models used in this story, so those who have followed the narrative must finish it in their own imaginations.  The themes raised in this story will continue with other characters and situations; after all, who doesn't love to see college men spanked?

Incidentally, this is how it would have gone on:

When we last saw our hero he was getting belted along with Terrence in Dr Grabowski's office.  This is the end of Terrence's troubles (for the day) and the warm up for Mike.

Mike is then sent to stand in the corner and directed to keep his nose to the wall.  Unable to contain his curiosity he sneaks a peak--and to his shock, he discovers that poor Terrence is being sexually abused!

While Grabowski is distracted by his and Terrence's explosive orgasms, Mike looks at the open laptop on the professor's desk and sees something that puzzles him greatly.  He pushes a few buttons and reads something but is still puzzled.

Terrence, exhausted, lies down on the couch, butt up, to cool off and catch his breath.  He watches as Grabowski summons Mike for a session with a fraternity paddle which brings a manly tear to Mike's eye and a large erection to his weiner.

Then Grabowski takes his pants off and lays Mike over his lap on the couch.  Terrence gets dressed and watches sympathetically while Mike undergoes a long, intimate bare hand to bare bottom spanking, with short breaks for caresses on his most private parts.  Both men end up shooting ropy gobs which combine in a sticky mess.  Mike and Terrence are dismissed with a manly handshake.

Mike makes his way back to the dorm room.  He confronts his athletic and bearded room mate about what he saw on the laptop.  Room mate admits to carrying on an email correspondence about him with Grabowski.  Seems the good Dr has had his lustful eye on Mike for a year and was thrilled when Mike had to take his class, but Mike's perfect behavior has thwarted his sinister plans.  The room mate has deliberately made Mike late and hidden his homework on several occasions, in exchange for which Grabowski has given his room mate improved grades.

Well, it seems they both need to be punished, don't they?  No need to involve the administration in any of this, eh?  In fact, that misbehaving but sexy as hell room mate better give up any dreams he has of sitting down comfortably for the rest of the academic year.  After a long otk session, his new life is explained to him:  he's now Mike's houseboy and sex slave.  Or valet with benefits.  In any case Mike's laundry better be fresh and neatly folded or there's going to be a longer than usual bedtime spanking!

Then it's off to Dr. Grabowski's office, Terrence along to tag team.  This is Dr G's first time on the business end of the paddle for a couple of years, but it won't be the last.

The End.  It would probably have taken two years to complete all this so maybe it's all for the best, in that I will be able to have more variety over this time.  So goodbye to Mike, hello to a succession of handsome cowboys and guys in tuxedos and whatever strikes my fancy.  And thanks for your many comments on this story!

Blogger's TOS

I've removed the two links I had to commercial sites; hopefully this complies with whatever the new TOS is. If not, the site will be deleted and it was nice knowing you.  I'm sure in that case I'll be able to set up someplace else, so if I disappear, just wait a few days and web search Turquine and I'll probably turn up.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Sorry to interrupt the flow, but I had to get back to my roots for a while. This is a type of image I've always loved, and spent many an hour practicing since adolescence.

A very masculine man over another one's knee, long legs and bare buttocks exposed. The cheerful bright colors lend an upbeat or comical feel, the profile view shows the recipient's fine physique to advantage: deep chest, narrow abdomen, full bottom and lanky, muscular legs.

He is stoic, but the man spanking him is not hiding his delight.  The horizontal composition gives an air of calmness and somehow creates the feeling this spanking is going on for a long time.

You can almost imagine this cartoon appearing in a men's magazine in the 1950s, sans penis and a little less sexy in style.

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PSE 28

Another striptease

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PSE 26

Dr G looks like he's enjoying a relaxed and  casual day.

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PSE 24

The classroom reacts.  I think most of these guys are a little naive; the fact that their spankings might be part of someone's sex life could be surprising to them.

Terrence seems embarrassed.
The question has been asked, how did we get here as a society, I have a few ideas. Given the decline of unskilled labor and the general unavailability of jobs, we're going to be extending the years of education even more while requiring fewer workers, and that leads to a lot of potentially unruly young men without the stabilizing influence of marriage (now put off almost till age 30) and the responsibility of feeding a family.

I'm also thinking that sooner or later people are going to realize that boys and girls are so developmentally different that they're best educated separately.

Corporal punishment of young men is so widespread in different human societies I have to feel it's a behavior that is near the surface, so to speak, ready to reemerge at some future point. It is still widespread in Texas, and some other states.

I remember reading someplace of a poll on CP in schools that found the least objection to the practice was when it was restricted to boys in the upper grades. I think most men of college age would actually like a system of spanking for minor offenses if the society around them accepted it. They seem to like spanking each other well enough.

Monday, April 22, 2013

change of pace

Did this some time ago but I don't think I've uploaded it, correct me if I'm wrong. This scene pictures two dorm rooms, perhaps, with a young stepfather visiting to provide some motivation. Or could be a little hazing going on in one room while the neighbor enjoys listening in.

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future of PSE #19

Some corner time to cool off.

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Future of PSE 18

After all his"taking it like a man", our hero finally squirms.

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the future of PSE 15

At last I have a tablet and some  access. I'm going to try a new system, instead of small chapters I'll upload one pic at a time, aiming for frequent, hopefully several times a week uploads. If you don't like you're stories doled out by an eyedropper, just drop by every week or two.

And many thanks for your expressions of concern, I'm feeling a lot better, influenza is a drag.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Future of Post Secondary Education, Part XIV

Brief upload this week, more to come soon:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Future of Post Secondary Education, Part XIII

Part 13 and we are witnessing our 2nd swat.   Check out Dr. Grabowski's tight pants.

All this patting and rubbing does serve an educational purpose, but it can seem a times.


Now this is stictly the fault of the man wielding the paddle.  Even the best athlete fails from time to time, and it is often when he tries for the most dramatic victory that he experiences the most embarrassing flop. 

Our handsome teacher, despite his vast experience, got over excited--he has had his eye on this student for a long time--and has made a beginner's mistake, swinging too far out, so that the end of the paddle is beyond the victim's farther buttock.  This can break the paddle.

I can remember this happening--in a school hallway, the liberated chunk of wood can fly to the end of the building like a hockey puck.  Observers--especially potential future victims--are highly impressed, but in fact most of the energy behind the swat, instead of being transferred to the young man's waiting bottom, goes into the wall.  It looks like he's being killed, but actually he loses most of the educational benefit of the paddling.  And the educator must either desist or find another paddle.  Of course, back in the day--as in the future posited in this series--they kept a supply on hand.

Will Dr. Grabowski do better the 3rd time?  He must focus and not let the excitement of spanking the best looking man in his class get the better of him.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Future of PSE part 12

A brief upload further showing the aftermath of the 1st swat.  One of the interesting things about spanking is how different the reactions of the person being spanked generally are from those of the persons administering or observing the punishement.  Our hero, we can see, is in a state of profound and accelerating shock:
The others in the class, however, as can be seen in this Brady Bunch shot, exhibit a variety of reactions ranging from "Yikes!" to "BWAHAHAHA!" 
Overall the class can't believe how hard that first lick was, especially given the culprit's completely defenseless behind.  The first guy is like, "Oh Hell no!"  But he's outnumbered.