Sunday, June 2, 2013


Sorry to interrupt the flow, but I had to get back to my roots for a while. This is a type of image I've always loved, and spent many an hour practicing since adolescence.

A very masculine man over another one's knee, long legs and bare buttocks exposed. The cheerful bright colors lend an upbeat or comical feel, the profile view shows the recipient's fine physique to advantage: deep chest, narrow abdomen, full bottom and lanky, muscular legs.

He is stoic, but the man spanking him is not hiding his delight.  The horizontal composition gives an air of calmness and somehow creates the feeling this spanking is going on for a long time.

You can almost imagine this cartoon appearing in a men's magazine in the 1950s, sans penis and a little less sexy in style.


  1. T., I also notice a certain similarity between the spankee and your icon.. :- ) so I imagine we’re looking at somewhere you want to be right now!

    One artistic observation, given the way the spankee is ‘hanging down’ inside the spanker’s leg I would expect some balls to be hangin’ down too!

    Nice job.. I like this traditional art too.. looking forward to you getting on with the Mike’s story though..

  2. Very nice picture!

  3. I love this! One of the things I really like about your style is that these are MEN! I love the facial hair and the masculinity.

  4. Hot and sexy !! But don 't Forget Mike !

  5. I'd gladly bend over this guy's knee...and later I'd just bend over!!!

    Great image.

  6. You've made yourself the top and bottom, I see. Very sexy.

  7. we don't begrudge you the break T, but just so you know, we are anxiously awaiting the next and coming scenes with Mike Brooks!