Monday, August 16, 2010

Texas Wolf Graphic Novel

This is a frame from a comic I'm working on about a West Texas guy named Lucas, who is a shapeshifter, although he doesn't know it, or understand it anyway at first. It's going to be grungy and very story oriented, but spanking is a part of his life and it's going to be in the comic.  I guess it won't display at full size here.

Lucas is in his late 20s, a widower who lives with his widowed father-in-law, a retired army ranger. This shot is from a flashback to an incident as a high school senior (he'd been held back a couple of years and was 20 in his senior year--I've heard they used to do this with athletic boys in rural West Texas, even if their grades were good, so they'd be bigger football players in high school). In this sequence, he's held after practice by his abusive coach and paddled naked after a shower (another West TX reality--I used to live in TX; it's like another world).

His werewolf/shapeshifter trait kicks in spontaneously if he's in an excess of emotion--during the paddling, he becomes enraged and turns into a wolf, with poor results for the coach. His tendency to turn into a wolf mid-fuck complicates his relationships with the ladies too. But he learns to control it and eventually finds he is not a werewolf but a shapeshifter and can turn into many different animals. He solves and resolves crimes by eating the perps and will be up against right-wing religious nuts and drug gangs.

Not sure whether it's set in the past, the present--they still paddle grown boys in West TX nowadays--or the future, after the 2nd Civil War, where the Independent Republic of Texas will probably be the spankingest place on Earth. Have to decide soon.

Who knows when I'll finish it--I've done two frames so far and they've each taken about 9 hours, but as I get the style down hopefully it'll go faster. I don't know any way to post the comic here, but I'll put it up on Yola or something and link from here. Probably in like a year, but each frame will be a work of art.

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