Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get your ass home by 11 o'clock!

Poser scene.  Handsome college guy comes home late from a date.  Stepdad's house, stepdad's rules.  He know's it's coming and he doesn't take it too seriously since he gets it all the time and it beats paying for his own schooling. 

The character is Michael 4-Poser 7 makes it easier to customize faces.  I plan to add more hair to the bootie and some more shots showing him in a tux, all James Bond like.  Back when his boss M was a man, I always imagined James reporting for a "debriefing" after each mission, congratulated on his successes but submitting--with a good natured grin--to "Six of the best" for each mistake he made along the way. 

He is handsome, no?

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  1. like to see much more of this guy! beautifully drawn!