Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andy Rodriguez in the Principals Office

This is a story I did some years ago and posted on Lochgelly's long lost Yahoo group.  Due to computer problems I thought I'd lost it but a kind soul sent it to me so I'm posting it.  Artistically, there are a lot of things I'd do differently now, but there's a lot I still like about it.

It concerns a young man who has returned to high school after two years in prison.  As an athletic 21 year old, he's naturally fun to spank so he gets it a lot. 


  1. Awesome!! Really good! Please post more of this guy! He is hot!

  2. Turquine, all your stuff is SO damn hot and interesting. I love it! I hope you keep up the work, and maybe if more guys knew about your blog they'd love it too! HOT.

  3. This is most excellent! You should make a whole book of Andy getting his butt beat for various reasons.

  4. Definitely among your very best work, just the right cast and plot tone. Surely this deserves an extension, or several,
    e.g. Andy being late again with a mate, lined-up for the paddle on the bare, then somehow (his professor is smart enough to come up with a reason or excuse) designated the ring-leader and given double dose, one ordered to be administered by his 'victim disciple',
    but both taken over Sir's knee, and late for team practice, hence getting licks from coach in the shower in front of all mates...

    1. Thanks. I would like to revisit this story. Unfortunately the model for Andy was lost in the great crash of 2014 and I would have to go to some lengths to reconstruct him, so it's not something I can do quickly. A project for the future though.

  5. One of my favorites Turquine! I just love how you depict REAL men, big and hairy, submitting to real spanking and discipline! They know it’s good for em, and they don’t hide the fact that they absolutely love it...and this fact serves as NO deterrent to the men in authority dishing out the spanking. They don’t hold back, and make sure the lesson is driven home HARD into their bare BUTTS! As it should be!