Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paddle Power

Man's ingenuity has devised a thousand tools to whip other men's behinds, but of all these, none is as decorative as the paddle.  These incredibly painful implements used to be displayed proudly in homes, classrooms, fraternity houses, prisons, pretty much anywhere young men were to be found. 

They were kept handy and on display because they were needed (or at least, were used) often, also to warn  potential delinquents, and to entertain everyone else.  One of the unique joys of the paddle is the large surface it provides for decoration, and they often bear images and slogans.  These give the paddle's victims assurance that. although this experience may be quite easily the most painful, and almost certainly the most humbling, of their lives, they can be consoled in knowing that someone on the other end of the paddle, and any other observers, are having a great time.
Of course, most guys are too selfish to appreciate this fully.
Earlier, someone in a comment asked to see a larger version of the image on the paddle in the header, so since I was too busy to complete an installment of Jason's story, this similar image will hopefully provide some enjoyment in the interim.  Look for Jason's erotic misadventures to wrap up in a few days...

BTW, if anyone remembers any interesting things they've seen written on paddles, I'd love to hear them, please comment and let me know.


  1. Thanks! GREAT Paddle! Wish I had one like that!

    One slogan I've seen is something like 'When his bare bottom is burnin', Bad Boy is learnin'

  2. various sayings seen engraved on paddles:
    "When butts burn, boys learn"

    "Boys are like canoes, you have to paddle them to get anywhere"

    "A cute boy has a bear behind" - the misspelling was intentional and the image was of a young bare-assed lad with a big brown bear wielding a frat paddle.

  3. I love the drawing on the paddle! It's hot!

    My favorite paddle saying is "Bad boys get it buck bare!" with an image of a naked young man bent over grabbing his ankles, with his 'tackle' swinging free between his legs.


  4. I saw one with a sign drawn in magic marker on the business end of the paddle that said, "Danger: High Impact"

  5. My paddle had painted squares in shades of red and pink like on paint color charts. They each had a caption. The only ones I remember were "Lesson Taught" and "Birthday spanking".

  6. Thanks for all these comments, guys. I've never seen any of those things on paddles, all interesting.

  7. Sorry I hate to rush the master, but I'd love it if you would post something. It could be anything. I just love my Turquine.

  8. My Daddy bought me a paddle that has the engraving "buck's best friend" - it hangs by my side of the bed!