Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Locker Room Motivation

After their morning run, coach lets the faster guys paddle the slower.


  1. Now that's what I call motivation!

  2. ankle-grabbin's the way to go
    when a dude's speed is way too slow!

  3. One of my continuing fantasies (based loosely on an observed real event) is to see a group of male athletes, typically 18 or 19 yr old wrestlers or footballers, etc. etc. being given a disciplinary workout. They strip down to just jockstraps (protection not modesty) and are sent to the gym floor to begin running laps, lots of laps. One by one the Coach whistles them off the perimeter of the gym floor, while the others keep running.

    Each lad in turn is ushered over to a vaulting horse in the centre of the gym, upon which he bends over, and is given 10 hard licks of the strap. He is then sent back to continue running laps, and shortly thereafter the next young man is summoned to take licks. This continues until all the young men are very thoroughly punished, with at least 30 licks each. Then they are ordered back to the showers. The sight of both red and white asses bobbing up and down as they run laps is very arousing, and it sorta happened in a detention centre where young males were sent to serve time on weekends. I was a counselor, covering off someone on sick leave, and the regulations required an observer/witness to any type of discipline. This was not an official punishment which would have landed on each man's record, but something unofficial (yet observed for fairness) that each man had agreed to, in order to avoid being written up for various infractions and being awarded further time in detention. Wish I could organize something like that.