Sunday, August 26, 2012

The future of post-secondary education

This story begins by addressing a crisis in our society:  the future of higher education.  My proposal applies to young men of university age (18 to ....?).  It involves a basic re-thinking of post-secondary education.   In this case, it's a rather pleasant thing to think about.

Yes, he's drooling.  I think it's cute.


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  2. Is it the famous story you said you're preparing, in your comments of your previous drawing posted ?? Well it's seems to be promising !!

  3. Yes, A-mous, this is going to be a brief story about oversleeping and the consequences thereof, as experienced by a very handsome college student at the hands of his very handsome young pervert teacher. Stay tuned, I hope you will enjoy it.

  4. Cool !! I'm impatient to see what follows next, and I hope this story would not be too brief !!!

  5. I think this young student is wanting attention from his tutor, perhaps the erection evident as he wakes is the result of dreams of having his pretty bottom spanked. Will he be late for class ? Im sure he will and both he and his tutor will be delighted with the chance to start a relationship which features most of the paddles, etc in the cupboard. We look forward to him being late every day as those cheeks certainly need some attention from a man who enjoys his vocation.More soon please.