Monday, July 13, 2015

Appleland - Final

This is the last page.  For the beginning, click here:  Appleland


 The End!


  1. So! This was GREAT! One thing I would have liked though is to see a better view of 'Lucky's' beaten ass! and maybe another full exposed view of him standing there naked in front of that swat team.
    But SO GLAD to see you BACK MAN!

  2. Well, done. I think it's a little dark, and would have liked to have seen more butt spanking. I thought that those two would have him suck them off, as it seemed to follow one of your earlier stories. Love a great asspanking and you are next to Franco in talent.

  3. I love your work, do you take commissions? Looking forward to your next story.

    1. Thanks, I have done a bit of commission work, did you have something in mind? Can't say when I'll have a new story to post, it's very time-consuming.