Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adult stepson in trouible

Click on it to see the image larger.
Notice the stepfather looks darker and more sinister in this image, it's the same digital figure though.
Out past 11 pm, our early 20's college student must choose between grounding or spanking (he's too big to spank without his permission).

He faces this choice often and has never chosen grounding.  He himself couldn't tell you why, but on some level he appreciates the feeling of closeness and attention than comes with the spankings he's become accustomed to.

Both of them are a bit in denial as to exactly why they perform this private ceremony, which always seems to take place when they're alone in the house together...


  1. He looks really worried! Maybe he's worried about not only how much the spanking is going to sting, but that the blinds might not be closed when he gets it!

  2. The boy is so hot !! More please Turquine !

  3. The Heat for the Seat paddle - awesome! I love what you do with paddles, especially the rounded ones like "Mr. Anderson's Butt Burner." I like where this is going - delight for young step-dad and intense embarrassment for his big step-son at getting spanked by an authority figure so close in age. Can't wait for more!

  4. MAN! you ALWAYS do such a GREAT job at catching the emotions in the scene! Not only does that boy look worried.. there's something about his posture and even the texture of his body that make him look so vulnerable.. and StepDad clearly thinking.. 'YEAH boy time to put a HURTIN' to your bare bottom !'

    Can't wait to see more!

  5. Can't wait to see him over dads knee getting spanked

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