Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Late Night 6

Time to discuss his options.  There is such a thing as digital grounding.  For wimps.  Real men take their licks.

This is Page 6, for page 1 go here


  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy...!
    Can't wait to see this little interaction play out. You are awesome, Mr. Turquine!

  2. Indeed a great Turquine story is developing again. Wonder how our hero explains being late by 25 minutes, it seemed he was well on his way home at five to one.

  3. I really appreciate y'all's comments, sometimes you point out things I missed. Obviously I didn't think out the red light sequence too well (when I went back, it isn't clear whether he stopped at the red light or ran it, I had intended him to be slowed and frustrated by being stopped, that's why the light on him is green in the last frame, he can go now. I now see I should have shown the car from the outside, stopped at the light), and even in a good sized metro it might make more sense if he got home a little bit earlier, and he'd still get spanked if it was 1:01. I may go back and rework those details at some point. Maybe he stops at a couple of red lights and then runs one in frustration, not realizing it's one of those evil ones that takes your picture.

  4. And, he was responding to a text while driving.....