Sunday, October 9, 2016

Late Night - 20. And the next morning...

All's well that ends well...

 How about that red bedspread?  I'm pleased with how it came out.

A short, talky section.  I think it's hot to hear men talking about spanking so I plan to include more of this kind of thing from time to time.

I'm also going to have shorter story lines, but all taking place in the same world.  We'll just jump from one to another and revisit characters occasionally.  Sometimes with some sort of segue or connection, as above, and sometimes maybe just a jump.  I may also reference some women spanking men scenarios, but I think mostly or entirely as subject of discussion among men, since I'm not interested in representing (or looking at) women's bodies.

This way I can follow my own ideas and fantasies more readily rather than be bogged down in one story until I finish it (or give up).  We can go from the police station, to the local community college, the military base, various households, the cops at their poker game (no fun without bets, but then again, it's too expensive to bet money!), to the frat house, the confessional, the baseball team, etc. There's no place a man can't get spanked in this town!

This town-is it in Texas, another state...or maybe...Heaven?  You decide.


  1. Looking forward to more stories from you! Shorter stories sound like the way to go. A town full of spankable men, we shouldn't linger on just one for too long. ;D

    Most interested in that regular poker game the cops have...

  2. Whoa. Didn't see that sweet paternal kiss coming! But did notice the surreptitious squeeze of Pop's behind by his stepson. Impertinent naughty behavior? Hmmmm... maybe they need to have a "talk" about some issues soon.

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