Sunday, November 13, 2016

Beer Ad

Break in the story, this is a magazine ad for the town's most popular beer.  Probably going to pull back and see one of our characters reading a men's magazine.

Nothing goes together like a six pack and a good, long spanking.  If you click on it, it gets bigger.


  1. let me guess. Step Dad will be reading this ad.. when the cyber-ticket arrives!

  2. Cool Turquine, so the step dad and step son would drink some beers when the cops comes for spanking....maybe both of them ?!! Please more pics !!!

  3. Hey Turquine, any new hot story from this amazing town, for the new year maybe.... ?!

    1. Your wish is my command! I just posted a newspaper clipping, and I'm working on a short story involving one of our cop friends.