Saturday, January 13, 2018


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  1. Nice and brisk, bottom turning a nice shade of red.

  2. I love how James' left hand holds on to different parts of Greg's upper torso--his back, shoulder, head and now neck. Love how he OWNS his stepson's body.

    1. Yes. Kurt has started doing the same at the other end, and the rough slapping Greg's bottom undergoes is accompanied by gentle, affectionate touching elsewhere on his fine body. Maybe a confusing set of signals? In any case he's got a lot going on and still sports the boner he woke up with.

  3. It's like the right hand provides the hard strict discipline while the left hand gives the caring protectiveness. Quite a potent/lethal combination, as it opens up all the deep conficting emotions.

    And now Kurt has his hands on both of Greg's ankles, conveniently positioned. Oh, Kurt....

  4. I like how Gregs upper body and butt show how he is completely under Dads control, This is how you know a boy gives into Dads spanking and lets himself succumb to their intimate routine that all dads and sons have throughout time. Nicely done!