Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Greg XXXiV

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  1. Wow! These two are the best (so far?) in this series, exceptionally suggestive. Although the pairing has a comics effect, they're too good to semi-miniaturize.
    The left one is a story in its own right, with double action and double promise - standing-tall Sir sovereignly grabbing the instrument of pain, his cahoot eagerly 'waiting in line' for his tormentor turn, while the becomingly-bared object of their disciplinary attention submitting to the pivotal purple-paining point of perfectly-perilously presenting the pleasing puerile-puppy's posterior for pitiless-plentifully pelt-pain-purple-pounding programmed for promptly priming the pervish punishers' prior pleasure-premium of predatorily peeking at the pantless punishee's perky private-parts-privacy-privation.
    The second scene-shot shows Sir sighting the surely silently-shivering, sweetly-sexy swat-site in supreme submission, suffering sovereign sight spelling a squirming-&squealing-stirring serially-smashing sirely-spanker-swats-session surely satisfying the strongest-scoundrels' semi-secret sadistic streaks as sure as the starkers-squirming spankee's sounds from short-silence, screams and sobbing supply the splendid source of spanker-satisfaction semi-shared by the soon-to-spank stander-by and somewhat by the site's surveyors, sighing such scene should be super-swell!

  2. Very nice, a perfectly beautiful bottom about to get roasted.

  3. hey Turquine, will you finish this story one day ....?!

  4. Hey Turquine, Great series, I would love to see uncle Kurt finishing the morning job on Greg's rear end. I bet he has a great swing on the inviting target.