Saturday, November 24, 2018

A break for a Cartoon

Bible thumping stepdad and his live at home college stepson.

Nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, I got inspired and literally spent the whole day creating this window into the world where this handsome dude gets frequent spankings.  I like this technique but I'd have to get a lot faster at it to tell a story.

I like to think of this as a racy cartoon that, in an alternate universe, might appear in a men's magazine, like when Li'l Abner, Dobie Gillis, or Jethroe Bodine got spanked as grown adult men, just for laughs back in the 50's and early 60's.  Same kind of joke, but told more graphically for an adult male audience.


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  2. Damn, look at that snowy white butt!

    Can see why the step-dad is so intent on spanking it. Definitely needs some color in those round cheeks!

    1. I am fascinated by a perfect paper-white behind on a man. Of course it's only one of the innumerable variations that make this subject (men's buttocks) so fun to explore.

  3. Nice picture, beautiful bottom and nice shade of pink but needs to be red. Love your work and stories.

  4. “Of course, currishly-cursing kid, piously practicing puerile-pup-posterior-purple-paining Biblical love feels far-better for faith-following fathers then for frequently-flawed foulty filial fellows feverishly fearing the fearsome fang of faith-fickle-fuckup-fanny-flailing firm-fatherly floggings! Evidently, eminent elder educators exquisitely enjoy the endless extending of errer-edifying eerily-exposed-end-experienced excruciation-endurance, evidencing the experienced elder educator’s elevated entitlement as instrument of Divine providence proceeding painstakingly-profusely, proudly-piously by properly proving poor peccadilloes-producing puerile pups plenty of penitentially-perilously pantless-protruding puppy-posterior-pelt progressively-pink-to-purple-pounded proof of paternalistic propriety, privately-pleased peeking at privates-privacy-privated puerily perkiness in the pious process! Yet the primary, painfully-pressed point is precisely educating the hard way is for your own good, so it’s only right you start every day thanking God on naked knees, nay newt-nude, for the wealthy warmth of wickedly-well-working whippings, and kissing your elder educator’s hands and feet for faithfully fulfilling a father’s fine fate of fearsome firmness, plenty of pain-purple-paddlings for peccadilloes, profuser for perfidity-par, with warnings and warm-ups over the knee before and after about anything else, to ensure your raw-red-ravaged rebel-rear really-rigidly remembers instructions in advance as well as lessons from lectures with paddlings, and punishment in case of doubt, double-dose for doubtful duly-dejected-demeanour, demonstrations for any visitor, painful-paddle-punishment-procedure-practices and plain pitiless full-force flailing for father’s frightfully-firm-flogger-fun on Father’s Day, festivities facing friend or family and father’s fun-Fridays!

  5. I'm guessing that stepdad had to buy that shirt himself, as he sure didn't get it from his stepson. (Also, is that his Official Spanking Shirt?)