Sunday, December 16, 2018


Kurt lands a terrific whallop.


  1. That's the stuff, Uncle Kurt! He lands a satisfying swat and gives young nephew something to think about. Traditional discipline as rarely seen, but sorely needed. Nice impact of the paddle. Whew, bet it smarts! Love where this is going and hope the lesson isn't over yet - thanks Turquine!

  2. That’s the right stuff indeed! Not only soundly sadist-satisfactorily-sweetly sings and surely-sorely seems each sovereignly-strongly-swung swat swellingly sting as if the stuffing and sufferance-stamina are swiftly spanked out of the submissively-stooped-standing starkers-stripped squirt, the progressively-pain threshold-piercing, pantless-posterior-pink-to-purple-pounding puerile-pupil-penitential-pain isn’t past the primordial point of primitive pain-perception priming proper pensative potential into pure perplexity, the poor pain-progression-perceiving pup regularly remains riveted, regardless of the ruthlessly-rigid remorse-reaping red-raw-rebel-rear-ravaging rearers-rage, remembering the frockless-fledgling-fanny-flailing-fun-fancying floggers’ frightfully-further-floggings-foreboding phrase ‘Hope you’re not late for school’, for if they keep copiously cracking his clothless-cutie-cones countless-cuts, he can’t come to class code-conform, surely spelling to shamefully-stripped-shivering school-truants’ schoolmates and – staff a stat-swatted session of sound stripped-seat-spanking on the (sweet, still super-sore-sorry-spanked) scorched-skin-shattering-smashing-spot sounding spankee-screams ‘school-surround-sound’, guaranteeing a gleeful gang of gay (some gay-gay!) gazers to glare as giddily at gorgeous Greg’s glorious globes getting gruesomely-grilled as-good-as it-gets to gaze at gaily, as a supervision-scheduled staff-star and some secretly-spinning scoundrels, some simply sitting-out detention, shall savour the second serving, spanked-squirts-sustained-sufferance-sensation-securing at school-sortie swat-for-swat, and since the school-agenda stipulates sanctions surely the sorely-sorry-smacking-spankophiles savour school-stuff serving as serious spanking-session-subject, stating ‘spanked at school twice as bad at home’, each shall double the dejectedly-dick-dangling darling dacks-down derriere-dermis-damning dose ‘dutifully dispensed’ thereafter as delicious dinner-time due-deserts-dessert, definitely doubling their delight at daily domestic discipline designed to divert them and their delegated discipliner-deputies delightfully day after day! - FASTIFEX

  3. I love what you did with his erection in this scene. Such a hard swat, and his manhood jerks with excitement!

  4. What a SWAT! This is what MEN need from other MEN, on a regular basis! Men are physical beings, and we respond well to physical discipline. Especially when applied to the bare BUTT! Nothing gets a grown man to tow the line, like a good, hard, bare BUTT Spanking...and he’s loving it! Just look at his dick bounce with excitement!

  5. Turquine, I love this one. It accurately conveys the reality that this man is being taught a VERY real lesson, while at the same time also saying it’s more than ok, and perfectly natural for men to ENJOY those lessons. It doesn’t take away from the discipline aspect, or the lesson he needs to lean from the spanking...that is one PAINFUL swat. It merely adds another component to the discipline: A throbbing, tension filled CROTCH to accompany his miserable, burning, stinging BUTT!

    1. Thank you! Of course in the context of this story this is a totally undeserved spanking, so the lesson he's learning, if he hasn't already, is that he is fun to spank and his stepdad and uncle intend to take advantage of every opportunity. This one does need a revenge sequel.