Sunday, January 6, 2019

Greg - XL

I had to look up the Roman numeral for 40.  Jim leaves Kurt to do with Greg as he pleases for a few minutes.  Kurt is distracted...


  1. Oh MAN.. can't wait to see what his uncle does now!

  2. You can imagine how his butt is THROBBING! Such a frustrated expression in his face, no doubt from the unbearable sensations he’s feeling in his hind end, coupled with the tension in his crotch. This is why I love spankings between MEN. It can be real discipline, unbearable, yet we are still allowed to enjoy it.

  3. Look how exposed he is! Knowing his butt is sticking out, his twitching hole is visible, as well as his dangling, hairy balls. All on display for his tormentors. He loves being in that position! He’s relishing what is happening to his butt!