Saturday, May 11, 2019

Currently in Pre-Production

Sexy furball Justin Parker is one of many "super senior" students (age 18-25) at Dicksburg Boys High School.  Justin doesn't have his weekly essay finished by the Friday due date.

All his delightful fuzziness is going to be a royal pain as I have to add it in post, although photoshop brushes do facilitate that.

This young instructor, known only as Mr K (a deeply closeted gay man), doesn't believe in corporal punishment, but then again, he's never tried it.  He gives Justin a detention, but male students at DBHS, if assigned detention, can opt for CP, and if the teacher doesn't want to paddle them, they get sent to the Vice Principal. 

Justin is a very hetero guy who loves to swap licks with his buddies and thinks it's hilarious when they get paddled.  He hates getting spanked himself but hates detention even more.  He also senses, however much his teacher tries to hide it, that Mr K is attracted to him and Justin enjoys being a tease and seeing Mr K's embarrassment. 

Justin will try to change Mr K's  mind about CP.  Will Mr K succumb to Justin's charms and taste the pleasures of paddle-spanking a grown man for the first time?  Stay tuned.

By the way, I apologize in advance for the large amount of exposition and character development needed in this story.  It's going to be a long, and talky, time before you get to see anybody spanked, and even longer before you see nudity, but I think it'll be that much better for the wait and the social and psychological context.


  1. I love the Dicksburg universe (all-male no-nonsense spanking scene), and this sub series-sounds definitely promising.
    Justin looks sexy and cheeky, fitting the plot - I don't associate fuzzball with sexy, so it might be an idea to introduce some shower and shave stage at Sir's hand as a 'cold warmup' before the paddle pounds down.
    As your 'apology in advance' suggests the exposition and character build-up might be bordering drudgery, there are always ways to introduce some spanking by flashbacks, for example tracing K's doubts about CP to his own boyhood experience as guest on an uncle's farm, witnessing his naughty knavish cousins strip for woodshed floggings only to relapse into rowdy rascality right-after, while pointing out it lost effect because of over-use of stripping and lack of 'tariff" for the punishment to fit the crime. - FASTIFEX

  2. Thanks, it probably is a good idea to expand the story to several situations, possibly flashbacks, to spread out the exposition. However I would not shave Justin's buttocks and thighs because that would make me sad. I try to feature of range of handsome fit men, not everyone will be to everyone's taste but variety is the spice of life. There will also be some brief reference to F/M spankings in this and probably some future Dicksburg episodes but that will take place off camera and not in too much detail, I'm not going to do a marriage counselor episode although some readers might enjoy imagining how that plays out in Dicksburg. I like it when heterosexual men get spanked even though the presence of a woman is a big turnoff to me.