Sunday, August 4, 2019

Secrets and Lies-9

I apologize for the delay, it's just been one thing after another.  The latest:  a power outage after a lightening strike crashed my computer and some files got corrupted, Poser has forgotten where a lot of the components of each scene are and I have to sort through the directories showing it where its own files are.  Very tedious.  
Nineteenth image in the series: 

Of course this is just the principal's little joke, he's not really going to let coach pick his paddle, he just wants to make him sweat it a bit more.  Cherry is a very light, hard wood and makes a terrifically stinging spanking paddle.  Coach says cherry because he hopes the principal will then pick maple (not a lot better, but some) while knowing he's just as likely to say "ok, cherry then!"

The beginning is here.


  1. Turquine, LOL, I kinda feel for you about how to get those shorts off him, but you did get yourself into this one! Getting spandex shorts off can always be a challenge, but especially when they’re as sweaty as Coach’s shorts no doubt are after couching a game out in the hot sun! I imagine ‘peeled down’ will be a good verbal description. Those voyeur boys are gonna LOVE (as well as all of us) seeing that coach exposed and paddled naked!


  2. Intriguing and amusing how Sir’s hand seems unconsciously grabbing his presumably often-spanked seat as if a boyhood-learned protective reflex whenever spanking is on hand! - FASTIFEX

    1. Thanks for noticing. I thought that was an amusing detail.