Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fraternity Paddling. Two older pictures.

Click Thru for a bigger size.  This picture is one of my earlier 3D renders. I was always fascinated by fraternity paddling, unfortunately never joined a frat though I went to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville at a time when paddling was widely practiced. 

Usually I wouldn't use the name of a specific real Greek society, but of course PKA is one.  I guess I was always fascinated by this organization because my freshman year in college there were two incredibly handsome guys in my dorm--both athletic, one a tall blond and the other a hairy chested (and hairy legged and fuzzy behinded) black haired guy with a big round bubble butt--who were roommates and always had their door open. 

They had a Pi Kappa Alpha paddle hanging from a pipe in their room, you couldn't miss it when you walked by.  In those days, it would have been used, perhaps at weekly pledge meetings, though on (or by) which (or both?) of them I couldn't say.  I would have loved to use it on both guys.  Or just to have been a fly on the wall...

I used to see the dark haired guy naked in the showers; he was fine, all brawny legs and bouncy globes.  Trim waist and broad shoulders.  Friendly smile, but I was too shy to speak to him.  Did I mention he had a Greek god butt?

It would be convenient to have your little bro also be your roommate.  You could spank him every night before bed and give him a wake-up spanking while he still sported his morning boner.

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  1. these spanking illos are fantastic:-) keep up the ass-tanning awesomeness.