Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two old fraternity paddling pictures, a poster and some beards

The first two are ones I'd lost which were returned to me by a kind soul.  I don't have the originals so the quality isn't perfect.  They are from a few years ago. 

Warm, freshly toasted buns:
 Fraternity fun:

I like beards.  I like spankings.  I like bearded men, getting spankings:

And finally, a motivational poster--imagine walking into your boss's, CO's, coach's office and seeing this on his wall:


  1. I love the fraternity fun picture! It's so hot, the muscled young men getting paddled! It's even hotter that they look like they're around my age!

  2. Love the bearded men image. Thanks again bud!

  3. Gotta agree. I like beards and I like spanking, too. I'd just like to be the bearded guy getting the spanking!