Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jason's Story. Really embarrassing.

Jason's rather difficult evening continues...

If you haven't read the story so far, go back a few posts to the beginning.


  1. Man! I really love your composition! Putting Jason across both their knees and setting it up so we can see the worry on Jasons face and angry determination on his stepdads face!

    Can't wait to see you blister his butt!!

  2. hot! nice work

    your teasing us :)

  3. MAN.. he's been laying there for 4 DAYS NOW ! Jason and I are BOTH waiting for that paddle to STRIKE ! Love the worried look on his face !

    Down side of being so good, Turquine, we all are anxious to see what's next !

  4. Sorry to be such a tease, guys--I promise plenty of licks later this weekend. And possibly a few tears.