Friday, September 16, 2011

Jason's story. This is getting embarrassing.

The story's going backwards in this blog format, so if you're just arriving, go back two posts and read forward. 
Once I'm done I guess I'll post the whole thing in order somehow.


  1. oh that's GREAT.. have to make sure there's a company picnic and Jason has to attend.. LOL THAT would be the icing on the CAKES!

    especially if it's the next day.. and they make him drop his pants and show the 'office' his burned up bottom!

    but.. getting ahead of the story- eh?

  2. I love how red his face is!

  3. btw, I'd love to get a big view of the 'heat for the seat paddle'on your banner...

  4. I love the whole idea, 24 and still spanked by his stepfather, And over the knee perfect. and other guys knowing. And other college age young men having spanked re-introduced in their life. Think of the red faces bro.
    And then the icing, girls!!! knowing and giggling!!
    I love the whole thing, manhood and boyhood.

  5. I've come a bit late to this thread but I agree this is a real turn on! Especially the other young guys of his age being spanked again after maybe four or five years of thinking their butts were safe from dad's strap.