Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A humorous illustration for an old magazine?

I'm not finished with this picture.  I'm not sure what's going on here--my original inspiration was some kind domestic discipline among conservative, "never too big to spank" Christians, but it's evolving into something like art for an old magazine cover, a humorous illustration for an old men's magazine from the 1930s, 40s or 50s. 

This is definitely unfinished, a work in progress, I'll probably add a bed they're sitting on suggest why this dude is getting his ass heated.   

A returning WWII vet on the GI bill getting hazed by a younger fraternity buddy? 

Varsity quarterback at his twice weekly tutoring session with a math nerd? 

Any ideas for captions/headlines/backstory?  What does it suggest to you?


  1. Looks like quarterback and nerd to me.. think you should give the nerd a paddle.. otherwise not much impact implied here.. funny idea tho.. set it in the college library.. seat him on one of those big study tables! maybe one of those library study rooms with a bunch of students watching in the doorway! - OH! could add a failed test on the table! lol

  2. Very hot and intense picture. He looks older and more manly than the young man spanking him and its a spanking, not licks.
    And he looks so humbled and embarrassed in that position, like hes been there before but thought he would never be there again. Hes been a his own man but now isnt? And by a younger dude whos has spanking privileges. But hes taking it.
    Maybe loco parentis. I could see his face get all red hearing that said!
    The power of spanking a jock and putting him to bed. A spanking and bedtime set by you. Hoping the dude will be cool and wont tell the other guys!

  3. Perhaps a younger brother spanking an older brother in return for not telling dad about the banged up fender? Or a nerd spanking a jock in return for taking an exam for him? But the nerd definitely needs a paddle. No way is his hand going to be able to make much of an impression on that ass. Nevertheless, very hot image.

  4. To me it totally looks like a fraternity jock getting punished for a failed exam.

    I imagine the scene as this: The jock's father, who is paying a lot of tuition for his son to go to college, hired one of his more studious fraternity brothers to make sure his son did well in college.

    The big jock had no choice but to accept, or his dad would cut off his free tuition ride (and free ride on a lot of other nice things). This spanking might be occurring in the living room of the frat house, with a couple guys from another fraternity peering in the window with hardons in their pants.

  5. Last comment kind of expands the scene doesn't it? maybe a first frame with the jock standing there, head hanging, failed exam in one hand and paddle/hair brush in the other while the frat brother is on the phone with Dad... then this shot of jock boy getting tanned good and hard!

  6. Thanks guys (or girls, I don't know who's looking at my blog) These are all inspiring ideas, which I may incorporate into future scenes. For the finished pic I went with a slightly different take; I think it's hot that the university administration (of course it's an all male school)has put all the athletes under this kind of tutoring. If only...

  7. Yes--I think it is a older dtronger guy getting spanked by a younger --perhaps not as strong guy---I was a big guy and strong as a senior in high school--the coach was a little twerp--a wisp of a guy and not that much older---It was 50 yrs ago but he spanked my bare butt over his knee and it was totally humiliating and for such a little guy he did my bare ass damn sore!

  8. Hot story, anonymous. I've always liked big strapping guys having to submit to spanking from younger/smaller/weaker. Used to be common back when 18 and older guys were paddled in the classroom and on the playing field, in fraternities, etc. I'm always amazed when people say you can't spank someone stronger than you. No one told our football coaches that!