Monday, January 2, 2012

College Tutor

A retro post for the new year.  I'm inspired by C.E.Leyendecker and his friend and protege, Norman Rockwell.  Unfortunately this is unlikely to be on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, but I can imagine some 1950s guys getting a laugh out of it.

Happy New Year to all.  Several of you suggested a paddle for this cartoon but I wanted to keep it playful and I wanted the tutor to feel that tender bottom under his bare hand.  Also he's getting spanked several times a day so it doesn't have to be that hard.  I'm for moderate but frequent spankings for college age guys; what we're going for isn't agony but an odd, hot, and tingly discomfort ending in a fidgety feeling a few minutes later...  A really severe spanking teaches the lesson that he doesn't want a repeat, and that's not the lesson I want to teach--I want him to come back for more!


  1. Wow, that is a red-ass masterwork!

  2. This is a really hot creation Turquine! I really like the masculinity and the sort of shamed look of the young jock getting spanked (although maybe not intentional, his ears do seem a little red hehe!)

    I also really like the window cleaners looking in and watching his spanking! That'll be the cleanest window on campus!


    1. Frankly I also like your philosophy about spanking the college aged. Now if there were only an efficient way to recruit guys who need to be tutored!