Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recycling Man Strikes Again!

The fur is going to fly if his roommate fails to recycle properly...or...I don't know, captions are hard.  A big hairy dude is gonna get spanked by a smaller cute guy who obviously enjoys it.  I just used the recycling symbol because it comes with Photoshop.  I was really thinking of some kind of University seal, this might be the Ass't Football coach or something.  Or the football team's math tutor:  beautiful beefy butts blissfully busted by brainy bastard.


  1. He misunderstood the shirt symbol, only now would he recognise the turnover and change coming with that mean paddle.

    This was one turnaround he brought on himself by insulting a smaller guy

    Energy from waste? Heat coming from wooden paddle counts

  2. These last two drawing are real hot!! Love um!

    here is a caption...

    For failing to 'Go Green' with the rest of the guys recycling beer bottles and cans in his dorm, this Senior must 'Go Red' and suffer the consequences at the hands of the Freshman in charge of recycling on campus!

  3. Great captions, I love the go green/go red dichotomy. In fact I think that's the caption, short & simple: "The Dorm Captain says: Go Green or Go Red!"
    Dorm Captain sounds so much better than "Resident Advisor".

    LS: glad you like these 2 drawings. I really like the way faces look in this style, cartoon-handsome. Unfortunately it's time-consuming using the Photoshop pen tool but I'm getting faster.

  4. Been missing your posts of late. I hope everything's going well with your life.

  5. Thanks for your concern, Anonymous. I've just been busy, and on vacation part of the time. Should be posting more regularly now.