Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Late Night 14 - Let's Dance

And then onto the bed for some cozy, over the knee, bare hand to bare butt intimacy.


  1. Hi Turquine, Great pictures again.
    But, yelling and dancing already at stroke four..... hmmmm extra lessons needed to take it like a man!

  2. Thanks a lot Turquine, this is great! I can't wait to see him over pop's lap, my favorite position. Legs flailing and showing us his most private parts!:-)

  3. What a great contrast between spanking scenarios. Naked and wet in the shower with stepdad's belt lashing out, the smacks and groans amplified by the tiles of the shower, the lights bright lighting, no escape. And now, a pause, and the young man has a few minutes to towel off, pull himself together, think about his punishment, and then head into stepdad's lair, the green and gold and wood of this private place, the dim lighting, the soft bed, and all the time in the world to learn his lessons over his stepdad's knee. The boy is ready and prepared, stepdad has it--and him--all under control.