Monday, April 11, 2016

Late Night 15 - over the knee at last

Clean, warm and up close.

This is page 15, for the beginning of the story go here.


  1. last! Stepdad took those few minutes to slip into t-shirt and pants. He knows the power of Clothed Male-Naked Male.

  2. Now for the good part! It looks like our hero got hard while getting into position across Pops knee!!

  3. The plot...and Something Else...THICKENS!!!

  4. I regret the father didn't stayed naked, it would be hot to see him spanking naked his naked son !!
    I hope he will be naked too at the end of the story....!
    Now next part please Turquine !

    1. Just uploaded the next page. I can enjoy the skin to skin otk scene, but I also like the clothed man/naked man type of scene, it makes the naked guy seem so vulnerable.

    2. Well maybe we will see a hot naked skin to skin spanking a the end of this story....? This father / son spanking could be more homoerotic....!