Sunday, November 19, 2017

Greg II

This is page 2, the story starts here.

Again I'm having fun with the faces:  the strict but affectionate James, stern but playful Uncle Kurt, and Greg, good natured, obedient, but sarcastic.

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  1. What makes this new story so arousing (trust me...) is the very "normalcy" about adult male spanking that you refer to. You may consider the strip so far to be "talky", but to we verbal types, that makes it as erotic as a visual depiction of an actual spanking. When hot tough scruff-face Greg casually talks about getting spanked by his hot handsome stepdad James, it sets off a whole lot of images/scenes in my brain. The normalcy means that these conversations are taking place all over this community, every day probably, just a part of normal life. The depiction of a basic butt-beating is one thing, but when you bring in the thoughts and feelings of the participants in a regular daily context, it makes the spanking experience so much richer and more interesting, and more highly charged. Just me but I find domestic stepdad/stepson discipline the most erotic of spanking scenarios.

    And Good Lord, these two are hot handsome hunks!!! (Uncle Kurt, not so much...)