Monday, November 27, 2017

Greg VI

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break.  Our story resumes.  (Page One is here)

From the sheets, it looks like Greg is one of those people who don't roll around much when they sleep.

Would be interested to know how the darks look on your computer.  I do the art on one computer and upload from another and they don't look the same, on the upload computer the darks don't look fully dark, but I think it just has an inferior monitor.


  1. Really like that James makes his stepson keep the paddle prominently displayed on his bedroom wall. Symbol of his authority over Greg. And a daily reminder/warning. Also, the "baseball player butt" poster is a nice touch.

  2. Thanks. I've always been a huge fan of baseball players and their big round butts. And how they like to pat/slap/stroke/spank/squeeze each other's backsides. Glad you like it.

  3. And we must assume that Greg likes it,too, as it is hanging on his bedroom wall, where he can see the "baseball butt" from where he lies in his bed. Hmmmm....Is this why Greg is smiling with his pup tent pole erected? Or, is Greg thinking about his spankings from his hot stepdad, James?

  4. Greg is a creature of hormones. I'm not sure he's worked through all his feelings yet, but like most young men in Dicksburg, he doesn't have to think about it much since it's just a routine fact of life. There's no doubt being spanked makes him feel happy, horny and, he would never admit it, loved.