Sunday, May 5, 2019

Ten Licks in the Hallway

Been working on this one for a while.

Job satisfaction keeps rising, ten licks at a time!


  1. Nice Turquine.... But imagine now that the punishment will continue with ten more licks, in one of those empty classrooms around the hall.... This time the spankee has to drop his pants and underpants on his shoes, so we can see him in the same position but this time with his big hairy ass, rear and asshole bared up in the air and offered to the paddle (and so very red), with of course a good view of his hairy heavy balls and large dick hanging down between his legs appart.... And because the situation is hot now, the spanker takes of his shirt so we can see his hairy bare chest while he paddle the spankee in the same position....! Well Turquine, it would not be the first time that you strip two clothed characters during a spanking in the same position with your computer isn't it....?

  2. I like the way your mind works, and I'm glad my work is triggering your imagination.
    Unfortunately for technical reasons this is just a one off. Some of my stuff is generated from digital models and once created I can make variations fairly easily, some of it (like this one) is just painted digitally, mostly from photographic references and would be a pain to redo. It was inspired by a picture I saw of a male model in a suit bending over presenting his buttocks to the viewer, with the tail of his jacket lifted to show the seat of his pants as if for a paddling, something you don't see often, unfortunately.

  3. Too bad... Well Turquine I hope that in your next story we will see a lot of bare assed sexy men, bending over and showing their hairy rear and hanging balls !