Wednesday, June 26, 2019

An experiment

Just fooling around tonight.  I'm thinking this is the varsity quarterback of about 20 years age (a mature 20 I admit) who's been caught chewing gum and called to the front to bend over for what ends up being six very solid licks in front of the class, from an excited young male teacher who's gotten carried away.  The jock's trying to avoid any embarrassing tears, the girls in class are going to remember this moment forever and be envied by their friends, the guys have a huge variety of reactions: fear, lust, admiration, shock at the severity, schadenfreude and compassion for their hero.  The teacher will be congratulated by his colleagues when news of this gets around the school-and it will have reached everywhere by the middle of next period.  Does this handsome jock even understand the great pleasure he is giving everyone?  At the moment he's a little preoccupied with his ass and his pride and trying not to cry.

If I can perfect this and figure out an efficient workflow, someday I'll do a whole comic in this style.  What do you think?

Part of what I like about this style is that it looks really good small:


  1. Do it. I love your style and artistry, but this is very good.

  2. Be GREAT to see a whole strip featuring this guy

  3. I like the rough outline with the charcoaly shading. He's handsome in a clean masculine way. His tightly closed eyes are the tell he's feeling it and holding on to his stoic mask--for the moment.

  4. To the list of feelings the other male students are experiencing, one could add a twinge of envy--of the spankee or the spanker, or both. How many would secretly like to trade places with either? Must be a lot groin-tingling going on right now in that classroom. Sudden scent of testoserone rising in the air?

  5. Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed it. I'm going to continue to work on this.

  6. Well Turquine, I would prefer seeing his bare ass while he is getting spanked....

    1. Me too, but I have to see the face first. I haven't worked out how to paint a bare bootie in this style yet, it's still pretty experimental.