Monday, July 1, 2019

Secrets and Lies 2

Our young heroes on the verge of an adventure...

 Beginning is here.


  1. Humm Turquine I love those new young heroes ! Those high school teenagers deserve much more severe punishent than the other older young men in your first series I think !! I just can't wait to see this hairy kid and his haireless friend receiving a lot of bare assed spankings in many hot and humiliating positions because of their many mistakes at school !!! I really expect to see the arrogant hairy teen getting the first "the hair burned off his sexy hairy ass, now it grew back" (your texts are so cool and smart Turquine...), and then his haireless pal getting his big haireless butt turning bright red too in the same time !!!! And of course for those two hot teens still in puberty, having both together all that hard and erotic discipline at school (from the principal or / with a teacher / the sexy coach...) will certainly turn their fat young cocks very hard (the hairy one and the other haireless...) and make them cum a lot then, well what do you think of all that Turquine ?!

  2. Thanks for commenting and thanks for appreciating my dialogue. We'll see how it turns out, I want to keep you in suspense.