Saturday, July 13, 2019

Secrets and Lies 6

Our coach's teacher friend, who is about to share his fate, is not a person of great sensitivity or emotional intelligence.

The beginning is here.


  1. Can't wait for the 'show' to begin!

  2. With the tightness of those pants Coach is wearing, no wonder this town is so obsessed with spanking. He's turning men into spankos just be walking by!

  3. A collective naked paddling for the coach, the teacher and the two mysterious men with the principal maybe ?! But what our two teenagers are going to discover behind this dark window ?
    Is that two different stories Turquine, or the two naked teens will finally join the other older men for a hot spanking party ??
    Well I hope we will have the answer soon if you keep that good rythm with one page every day Turquine ?!

  4. It looks like Coach is proud of his physique, especially his massive bootie, he can't resist showing it off. I guess my story is implying that both the men about to be spanked are exhibitionists, which is lucky for them in this case since they're going to have an audience.