Sunday, December 26, 2010

Locker Room Licks

Spanking College Jocks.  After showers, college football players get paddled naked in the locker room by their coach.  This form of discipline seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years, but guy-on-guy spanking is so ingrained in the male psyche--especially in the college years--it can't be stamped out permanently (youtube provides ample evidence of this!).

Obviously this kind of spanking is subject to abuse, but if so many guys this age are so eager to be spanked, this natural impulse may as well be put to some constructive purpose--in this case, reinforcing training rules.

A slightly grungier intepretation of a picture I did several years ago.


  1. some west texas coaches still tareup players asses with the board when they get outta line!

  2. West TX sounds like an interesting place. Has a coach ever paddled you?

  3. grabbed ankles 4 coach plenty!

  4. Great way for a coach to bond with his team.

  5. Not paddled in college but was thru senior yrs in football----It was bare assed bending over in locker room and my butt sure hurt---He was a small man however, he showed me more than once he had more arm than I had ass!

    1. Would love to chat with you more about your high school paddlings!

  6. I love your drawings. They are really good and hot.