Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jason frames 19 & 20

When I started this I thought it'd be 10-12 frames--it's already twice that and we have a ways to go...
The beginning of the story is a few pages back.

I think Jason's stepdad, while rather a hard disciplinarian, is in a sense a real innocent.  What's about to happen while he's out getting the ice cream would probably blow his mind, as they used to say.  He shall remain clueless, however.  Jason, on the other hand, is in for some unexpected self-revelation--and is making a new and useful friend!  Stay tuned.


  1. I can pretty much see what Jason's in for.. However, if stepdad remains clueless, I think you'll miss out on a plot twist that would allow us to see a lot more of the boss.. I'm sure he wouldn't want what he clearly has in mind to get around the office !

  2. I would love to see Jason over his lap getting a series of hard swats from the boss....:D

  3. Wow, I can't wait. I hope it's some more paddling, but I'd also like to see Jason's dick some more ass well as the boss's cock and bare ass. Thanks for continuing the story.