Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jason's story, cont'd

If you're new to this story, it begins a few entries back.

Every spanking involves a giver, a receiver and (at least implicitly) an observer.  I try to do justice to all three because I think to get the most enjoyment out of a spanking we need to empathize with all 3 roles.  I also think spanking is unlike most fetishes because (to me at least) it is most gratifying when there is a story behind it.  I don't know if this is true for everyone, in fact I'm sure most people don't think about it that much, but I'd love to hear anyone else's thought on this.


  1. I really appreciate when there's a story behind it. Makes it that much more awesome and hot!

    This is amazing, I really hope you keep going. Maybe after his spanking, Jason should have to go stand in the corner by the TV while the two older men have a beer and watch the game!


  2. The third party participant does increase the embarrassment factor.. and telling him the office all knows about it... oh my! You tell a GREAT story Turquine.. can't wait to see where you go with this one.. but I hope this is only a warm up for Jason's bare bottom!

  3. Thanks for the appreciative comments, guys! I've got a bit more in store for Jason before it's all over.

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  5. You got it right Turquine, its the story, And what a story!
    24 yo young man still spanked, And you draw him AS a man
    but spanked OTK like that, Bright red bottom and bright red face.
    And we think what is this dudes world like, everybody knows and come on Im a man now!
    The step dad who spanks him and it not afraid of anybody knowing
    Just like that. You act like a man you get treated like one but the dad having the upper hand.
    I love his power, love his rules. setting your 24 yo stepsons bedtime as an example.
    And then the observer in this case a seen one. A friend of the dads, another man whos now watching and has known about a certain young mans spankings, Who tells our young Jason about the spanking spreading to the other young men in their circle and about girls knowing and giggling which did it for me.
    Last, I loved the road you went from Jason, his big manhood in his hand and the drawing of his manhood now, small and not so manly.
    Thanks for drawing and keep up the good work.

  6. Unbelievable how your last comic can turn someone like me so on! I've looked at it several times per day just to enjoy this piece of heart ant of course done to myself the same this stepson did. Can't stop it have created my ultimate fantasy and nevertheless these facial expressions (beard, muscular and yet slim look, real tears) are great! I love to see how tough guy turns into little scared bad boy when he is faced to his stepfather. Please continue, i'm thursty!!!

  7. Anxiously awaiting to see what happens to Jason this week! This is WAY better than the Sunday comics!

  8. I do like when there is a story. With comics, I like especially when the frames have details that tell the story with few words between the participants, or where the scene is so descriptive, no caption is needed. I like the freedom of having the details be my own, and those kind lead to fantasies where I can picture myself in the picture.


    1. Thanks, John. We all like to picture ourselves in the scene, but I wonder how many of us imagine ourselves in one role and how many like to project ourselves into all 3 roles.

      And you're right, there's a tension between words and images--either one tends to take you out of the other a bit, true of movies too.