Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jason's story, cont'd some more

Hope you enjoy.

If you're new to the story, it begins here

Jason's one of those guys whose chest gets all flushed when he's excited or hot.  I've always liked that.


  1. HEH HEH - PERFECT! I was hoping the boss would get a turn! maybe he'll feel the need to take his shirt off and get down to business!!

    Man! Jason might as well burst into tears right now.. his ass is TOAST!

  2. LOL, at first I thought that boss’s thumb by Jason’s mouth was a mistake until I saw the string of saliva in the last frame! Guess Boss and Jason have a little deal going there.. which I imagine is going to progress.. and might go a couple ways depending on Dad’s reaction.. hmm.. will it be ‘Cool’ or ‘parental outrage’? I see lots of potential plot twists here!

  3. The Boss spanking bad boy who is begging for mercy....mmmm.....

  4. Haha Jason looks so embarrassed! It could be even worse if after his spanking he finds himself with his nose to the wall!

  5. Hope we see the next installment today ! Can't wait to see what happens to 'our hero' next!