Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andy Rodriguez in the Principals Office

This is a story I did some years ago and posted on Lochgelly's long lost Yahoo group.  Due to computer problems I thought I'd lost it but a kind soul sent it to me so I'm posting it.  Artistically, there are a lot of things I'd do differently now, but there's a lot I still like about it.

It concerns a young man who has returned to high school after two years in prison.  As an athletic 21 year old, he's naturally fun to spank so he gets it a lot. 

Celebrity Spanko Fakes

After a long absence Celebrity Spanko Fakes is back at a new host and promising a future of PhotoShop wizardry.
Personally, I'd like to see this one roles reversed.  I love to see tall men getting spanked!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Modest Proposal

In 2018, Texas began its celebrated "Swift and Sure" justice program. It had been observed that, while the courts are clogged with male offenders aged 18 to 27, police actually failed to investigate many minor offenses as not worth the trouble.

Swift & Sure allows male law officers to be certified as General Sessions Judges, and empowered to administer moderate corporal punishment to males of age 18 to 55 for an enormous variety of offenses, with streamlined paperwork.

Since March of 2018, when the program took effect, traffic enforcement is up over 300% and each year posts a larger number of paddlings--over 6,000,000 last year.

In the first year, there were about 13,000 complaints, mostly from college students and bar patrons caught up in mass paddling sweeps, however none of these were found valid and all complainants were sentenced to another spanking. Complaints have been few since.

In order to eliminate abuse, all punishments are videotaped from several angles and can be viewed by the public at the TX Department of Public Safety’s website, which has become extremely popular.

In addition, job satisfaction among police officers is at an all time high.  Other states are looking at the program.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paddling Magazine Cover From 1979

I was a young man when I saw this on the stands, and a rather hypermasculine guy I had a crush on saw it and laughed.  It set my mind racing...
The style of the art looks like Norman Rockwell, but it isn't, it's some illustrator who was doing covers for the lampoon at that time.  Beautifully meticulous work.


Guys kissing is another one of my favorite things, I think I'll start a series on that.  This is kind of an antidote for the mean behavior in the previous post. 

Kissing and spanking don't go together often enough.

The Prison Basement Punishment Room

Click on it and then click again to see full sized.

The 1800's saw the gradual replacement of corporal punishment, usually in the form of a public whipping on the back, with imprisonment, in which men who committed crimes were kept captive and often whipped or spanked repeatedly (almost always on the buttocks, usually with an enormous strap) for the least violation of prison rules.  While in prison they were often contracted to businesses as slave labor.

This illustration shows some of the abuses which happened under the inhumane prison systems typical of the US from roughly the end of the Civil War (1865) to the 1960s.  Of course conditions differed from state to state and of course they were worse in the South. 

Nowadays we have gone to a system where a much larger percentage of the population is imprisoned, for longer terms, mostly for nonviolent offenses, and spanking has been replaced by long periods of solitary confinement.  The social isolation of what are often already seriously fucked up individuals can result in total psychosis.

Really, human society reeks.  On the brighter side, we are (with the possible exception of the bonobos) the most enlightened of the larger apes.  If we want to use that as a framework for comparison.

Much darker than my usual work.  I think the idea, though depressing, is hot, but my approach was too ambitious and I'm not really pleased with the result.  Let me know what you think.