Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some random college student getting his bare butt whipped

Just some random college dude getting spanked.  Click on it to see it full size.

The question is not asked often enough, when should a male college student be spanked?  I would say around 2 in the afternoon.  Scientists tell us that testosterone levels peak at that time, and pain thresholds are at their lowest (testosterone increases all forms of excitability).  Of course the potential for sexual arousal is higher as well, for the same reason.    


  1. Smouldering hot belt-lickin' illo--great work!


  2. Thanks, Dave. I was rather pleased with the colors and lighting.

  3. My freshemn yr my so called big brother was great in many ways and a friend in many ways--but i got a few bare ass paddlings through out the yr--It was always in the evening--He would tell me to come to his room and everyone knew I was getting my bare butt paddled----and i did and it hurt like hell---then things were fine

  4. Great post. Love it.

  5. Great strapping, love it.