Sunday, March 12, 2017

Interlude-An Article from Dicks County Man

Dicks County Man  began publication in 1958, as a local version of the men's adventure mags popular at the time, what the graphic designers of the day called "sweat mags" because of the profuse perspiration covering the hot, struggling, exhausted and handsome men in the illustrations.  They might as well have called them "hairy guy with 3 day beard mags".  Their stories were invariably about men in peril, often in exotic locals..  Over the years it has evolved into a men's lifestyle magazine with a focus on local culture, lifestyle and issues.

In terms of technique, these represent an experiment for me.  Let me know what you think.  
Below, the two illustrations without the old cracked paint finish.

Those are some silky-smooth low hanging balls, he must've had that procedure where they de-wrinkle your sack.  I did the face second, got carried away with the chest hair and now it doesn't really match the legs.  I could go back and put some lovely black fuzz on those thighs, but I'm all about the next picture.