Sunday, December 19, 2021

One frame of something unrelated

 I've been working every weekend and haven't gotten any illustrations done, but just to tide you over here is one in an experimental style I made for my own amusement yesterday.  

I've always found something about cartoon illustrations stimulates the erotic imagination and have wanted to develop a more cartoonish type of image, I've posted various attempts over the years.

This experiment works for simpler shapes but I'm still working on how to represent faces or complex scenes like rooms with people, furniture etc.-very time consuming for complex things.

In this case at least it works nicely at both small and larger sizes. which I like.

I'm not doing anything over the long weekends next two weeks-family is far away-so maybe I can continue the basketball story then.  It has somehow wandered off into a direction I didn't want it to, my fantasy was the basketball net is only left out for a few minutes, stepdad's friend at the HOA sees it and calls stepdad at work as a friendly reminder about the rule, but stepdad gets him to print out a fake notice of a fine to make an excuse to spank the athlete undeservedly.  The friend thinks this is hilarious and asks if he can watch.  Evil tricksters make good spanking stories.  Unfortunately it now looks like the jock likes to get spanked and that's a different story.  I'm not sure how I plan to tell it now.