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PSE 24

The classroom reacts.  I think most of these guys are a little naive; the fact that their spankings might be part of someone's sex life could be surprising to them.

Terrence seems embarrassed.
The question has been asked, how did we get here as a society, I have a few ideas. Given the decline of unskilled labor and the general unavailability of jobs, we're going to be extending the years of education even more while requiring fewer workers, and that leads to a lot of potentially unruly young men without the stabilizing influence of marriage (now put off almost till age 30) and the responsibility of feeding a family.

I'm also thinking that sooner or later people are going to realize that boys and girls are so developmentally different that they're best educated separately.

Corporal punishment of young men is so widespread in different human societies I have to feel it's a behavior that is near the surface, so to speak, ready to reemerge at some future point. It is still widespread in Texas, and some other states.

I remember reading someplace of a poll on CP in schools that found the least objection to the practice was when it was restricted to boys in the upper grades. I think most men of college age would actually like a system of spanking for minor offenses if the society around them accepted it. They seem to like spanking each other well enough.

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change of pace

Did this some time ago but I don't think I've uploaded it, correct me if I'm wrong. This scene pictures two dorm rooms, perhaps, with a young stepfather visiting to provide some motivation. Or could be a little hazing going on in one room while the neighbor enjoys listening in.

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