Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Future of Post Secondary Education, Part XIII

Part 13 and we are witnessing our 2nd swat.   Check out Dr. Grabowski's tight pants.

All this patting and rubbing does serve an educational purpose, but it can seem a times.


Now this is stictly the fault of the man wielding the paddle.  Even the best athlete fails from time to time, and it is often when he tries for the most dramatic victory that he experiences the most embarrassing flop. 

Our handsome teacher, despite his vast experience, got over excited--he has had his eye on this student for a long time--and has made a beginner's mistake, swinging too far out, so that the end of the paddle is beyond the victim's farther buttock.  This can break the paddle.

I can remember this happening--in a school hallway, the liberated chunk of wood can fly to the end of the building like a hockey puck.  Observers--especially potential future victims--are highly impressed, but in fact most of the energy behind the swat, instead of being transferred to the young man's waiting bottom, goes into the wall.  It looks like he's being killed, but actually he loses most of the educational benefit of the paddling.  And the educator must either desist or find another paddle.  Of course, back in the day--as in the future posited in this series--they kept a supply on hand.

Will Dr. Grabowski do better the 3rd time?  He must focus and not let the excitement of spanking the best looking man in his class get the better of him.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Future of PSE part 12

A brief upload further showing the aftermath of the 1st swat.  One of the interesting things about spanking is how different the reactions of the person being spanked generally are from those of the persons administering or observing the punishement.  Our hero, we can see, is in a state of profound and accelerating shock:
The others in the class, however, as can be seen in this Brady Bunch shot, exhibit a variety of reactions ranging from "Yikes!" to "BWAHAHAHA!" 
Overall the class can't believe how hard that first lick was, especially given the culprit's completely defenseless behind.  The first guy is like, "Oh Hell no!"  But he's outnumbered.