Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Future of Post Secondary Education, Part Ten

Those experienced with giving paddlings often take quite a while rubbing the paddle over the recipient's buttocks before beginning to administer swats.  The reason given (officially) is that this treatment increases circulation throughout the target area and thus increases the intensity of the sting.
While it may do so, I have always suspected it was done more to enhance the enjoyment of the one administering the punishment, as well as the victim's feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, and of being sexually violated.  From our student's point of view, the entire situation in which he finds himself is most unusual, from the cool breeze across his bottom to the long, hard object caressing it, to the sense of a roomful of eyes on his most intimate parts. His great anxiety is how painful will the punishment be, and will he be able to endure it without an embarrassing loss of composure before his peers. 
As for Dr Grabowski, he is indulging a hobby of which he has made a long and detailed study.  Just as the tennis player feels the racket as an extension of his hand and his will, the professor's paddle feels like an extension of his body, although the part in question may not be his hand. Before him is a blank canvas upon which to paint. 
I like the way our hero's hands are grabbing his running shoes.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Future of PSE part 9

The shorts inch their way down.  Classmates give the show two "thumbs up--way up!"